Els Ports, a 5-star destination

There are many ways to travel and visit new places, just as there are a multitude of destinations. In Els Ports, you have options for all forms of tourism. You have parking for motorhomes and camper vans, shelters, hostels, electric vehicle charging points, roads that motorcyclists love, accommodation in hermitages, stately homes and a long list of possibilities. Today we will talk about the most luxurious options that our region has to offer.

In terms of catering, Els Ports has a wide range of high-quality local foodstuffs; kilometre 0 meats, artisan cheeses, tards made in local ovens, weather conditions that favour the life of almond trees, olive trees, mushrooms and the black gold of gastronomy, the truffle, among others. With this raw material, the region’s chefs work their magic. They have a great knowledge of traditional recipes and a passion for innovation and for always offering novelties in their menus, always taking advantage of seasonal products.


In Morella, the restaurants Daluan, Fonda Moreno, Mesón de Pastor and Vinatea stand out for making a meal an authentic experience, for the combinations of flavours, for the professionalism of their services, for their participation in events of great importance in the gastronomic sector and for the collection of quality distinctions with which they have been awarded.

In Cinctorres is El Faixero, a hotel-restaurant named in honour of the ancestors who used to market and take the sashes made in the village all over Spain. This establishment goes beyond catering and accommodation and also offers experiences, among which the following stand out: El Faixero e-bike. By renting their electric bicycles, you have the opportunity to ride a lot of mountain bike routes in the region and surroundings without having to be a great athlete, but feeling that you are.

El Faixero e-bike.

Returning to exclusivity for the palate, it is time to talk about La Escudella, one of the most acclaimed restaurants in Vilafranca. It has one of the most innovative gastronomic offerings in the interior of Castelló, and we don’t say so, the Repsol Guide says so. An ideal place to try the traditional flavours of the ‘terreta’, of our little piece of the world, with culinary techniques from Japan, from the other side of the world.

Another outstanding restaurant in Vilafranca is La Tasca del Forn, located in the old medieval oven of the town. This restaurant is characterised by its willingness to always offer dishes with seasonal products and by the wide range and quality of its specialities with fresh fish and seafood from the fish market.

Talking about accommodations, if you are looking for original accommodation, the Santuario de la Balma in Zorita del Maestrazgo is a great option. This sanctuary has a bar and restaurant service, but also a hostel, and this is what we are interested in. Sleeping in caves, nestled in a rock where a religious temple is located, is possible! Everything is possible in Els Ports!

La Balma.

If you prefer to sleep in a palace made hotel, there are two options; the Cardenal Ram in Morella and the Palacio de los Osset in Forcall. If instead you prefer private suites, you have 3 options in Morella; those offered by the Vinatea restaurant, Vallivana suites & spa and the Casalea flats with jacuzzi.

The leisure activities in Els Ports are up to the task and some of the most curious, interesting and special events take place. For example: “Morella Negra como la trufa” where truffle dishes are tasted and noir novels are recited, the theatre show “Capsigrany” which brings the best companies in the country to Vilafranca or the “Festival Internacional de Títeres PortsXinel-la”, the “Early Music Morella” where you can witness concerts and instruments of traditional, medieval and renaissance character and the “Festival de Música de Vilafranca”, with which the natural spaces of the municipal area become stages for classical music.

All in all, we can say that Els Ports is a very complete region, with thousands of options and opportunities for all kinds of people and styles. These are some of the most luxurious examples of Els Ports, but Els Ports can be experienced in a thousand other ways. Choose the way you like the most, adapt it to your needs and enjoy this region so full of life.

Palau dels Osset – Forcall.