Els Ports, the best option for a fun and relaxing family holiday

The tourist offer that Els Ports region has to offer is characterised by its variety, both in terms of activities and in terms of the segments of the population at which it is aimed. Depending on the season, the leisure and tourism options change and it is up to the consumer to choose when to visit the fabulous attractions of each village. Thus, families have a wide range of options available to them based on the great gastronomy of the localities, adventure camps, indoor swimming pools, historical sites or hostels offering a multitude of activities. Each and every one of these options has, however, one great characteristic in common: they take place in the midst of natural landscapes of incalculable environmental value where birdsong reigns, the bushes sway in the wind and, depending on the season, the sun reigns or the snow falls. The natural paradise of Els Ports within the reach of any family.


Els Ports offers alternatives depending on what you are looking for. Adventure is guaranteed with places like the Saltapins adventure park in Morella, which offers a huge system of zip lines, climbing trials and circuits at heights that are unique in the whole of the Valencian Community. In addition, this multi-adventure place has Tibetan bridges, lianas, trunks or pirate nets that adapt to the level and physical characteristics of the participants. However, the monitors that make up the service are not only looking for the users to pass the tests, as one of their objectives is to teach the users to understand the safety mechanisms and the essential tricks for climbing mountains. In this more sports-oriented sense, Saltapins is part of a much larger complex that has revolutionised the tourist offer thanks to its diversity and the opportunity to sleep in its facilities. It is the Fábrica Giner de Morella, whose facilities include a hostel, rural house, swimming pool, adventure circuit, mountain biking, sports area, landscaped areas and children’s playgrounds. In an area close to the Bergantes River, this site also stands out for including the Morella and Els Ports Tourism Training and Innovation Centre, where tourism development in the rural world is promoted through activities and offers such as those on offer there. A paradise for adults, young people or children who want to enjoy nature while playing and having fun.


In this sense, the hostel La Parreta de Vilafranca also stands out for the wide range of sports activities it offers, both to families and to groups of schoolchildren, young people or adults who wish to enjoy the nature of Els Ports. Among these opportunities is the practice of hiking through countless routes that cross the landscapes of Vilafranca, and also a multitude of mountain bike routes for cycling enthusiasts. Moreover, it is a hostel with a concern for sustainability and respect for the environment, a thought that is worked on and instilled in its guests with courses, conferences and workshops on environmental education. They are located very close to the Ermita de la Virgen del Llosar, in a natural setting worthy of a fiction film.

Family groups, friends and school groups can take advantage of these two sports and leisure options. In fact, the activities also change depending on the season in which you stay in the region, whether in hotels or hostels. The winter weather makes it possible to enjoy the snow, although always following the recommendations for playing and getting excited about it. In summer, the Bergantes river, swimming pools and campsites are the most popular options for enjoying nature. It is clear that there is a wide range of options to choose from. However, there are other plans such as camping in the middle of nature, a possibility that can be made at Camping El Llosar, where it is possible to rent an area and have resources such as a barbecue area, a children’s play area or a restaurant to serve meals.

The mountain and the forest are, perhaps, the two peculiarities that abound most in the region. Walking through the woods and leaning out of the viewpoints to look out over the region is a scene to remember. In fact, the villages are connected by countless rural paths, tracks or cattle trails that can be used for walking, running or even horse riding. The towns of Todolella, Cinctorres, Vilafranca and Morella also have heated swimming pools, ideal for relaxing or recovering from hard work. In the latter town there is also a sports centre equipped with a climbing wall, SPA area and jacuzzi. Both outdoors and indoors, mental and physical peace can be recovered in Els Ports. Even cycling is an option with RespiraNatura, a rental company that allows you to cycle through part of the region from Cinctorres. However, you can experience the animals and flora that abound in Els Ports in other, more prepared ways. The company Api Villores offers beekeeping routes that connect the care of bees with sport and hiking; while in La Mata, as well as in other places in nearby villages, you can actively participate in the harvesting of saffron, one of the most abundant spices in the town and noted for its colour and aroma, which is also cultivated and harvested in a completely manual and natural way.