GR-331 Camino de Conquista, the route to discover Els Ports and its history

The GR-331 Camino de Conquista is a circular route through the landscapes of Els Ports that aims to connect the villages that make up the Els Ports Regional Community to make their history and heritage visible while offering different stretches where you can do sport in nature.

With a total of 166 km spread over 15 stages that cross rivers, valleys and mountains, the Camino de Conquista reveals the culture, history, archaeology, architecture, nature and gastronomy of Els Ports.


This Gran Recorrido has a topoguide that can be obtained in tourist offices, bars and town halls of the participating municipalities where you can find the technical descriptions of the route, maps and more extensive information of each stage and as a gift for the purchase of the topoguide a corporate backpack is given away. Obtaining this facilitates planning prior to the stages, as in the case of the stage that passes through the Tinença de Benifassà Natural Park, where entry with bicycles is prohibited.

La Pobla de Benifassà.

Each person knows himself and knows his limits. It is important to take them into account when going out to do physical exercise activities in nature. There are stages for all levels, everyone chooses how and when to complete them. Those who want to meet the challenge of completing them all can register with the stamps on the credential for this purpose at any of the points set up in the region, the same ones where you can buy the topoguide.

Camino de Conquista does not stop here, it also has an application for mobile phones with the aim of rescuing the past of Els Ports to make it more visible. This tool allows you to learn about the origins of the municipalities of the Els Ports Regional Community, explaining with videos, recreations, audio-guided tours and images of buildings, monuments and museums the most important historical events of the region.


At the most emblematic points of each locality there are information panels that include QR codes that can be used to download the APP. This will use geolocation to suggest the nearest tourist resources to the visitor, while offering audiovisual content to virtually discover historic buildings that may not be open to the public at the time. All the contents are available in Valencian, Spanish, English and French, in order to bring Els Ports closer to the maximum number of tourists in the region.

This great route is another example of the interest of the Els Ports Regional Community in offering both residents and visitors the option of practising sport in nature while promoting inland tourism by highlighting the history of the villages of Els Ports.

Els Ports.