Morella begins the work of Sexenni

Morella will celebrate the most important festivity, the Sexenni, between the days of August 18 and 28, in 2018. The local residents work for a whole year to get everything ready when Virgen de Vallivana enters to the village.

For that reason, the machines which cut paper on the streets have been heard for days now, they see the neighbors with boxes of shoes full of paper and have already begun to upholster the ornaments that will be seen during the Novenaire. The streets already have their design and work daily because Morella shines as it does six in six years.

In addition, the guilds have already been set up and the “alets” (organization people) have been changed. It must be remembered that one of the characteristics of these festivals is its trade union structure, from the Middle Ages, with each day of the Novenum organized by a guild of the city. These are the City Council and the Clergy, the Elderly, Slavery, Absent Morellans, Morellano-Catalana Colony, Arts and Crafts, Workers, Industry and Transport, Commerce and Tourism and Youth people. These last weeks have already sought the representatives of their dances or the elements that will be parading in each Altarpiece and in the General Procession.

The City Council of Morella has also constituted the 54th Council of Sexenni, to organize the entire party.

With all this, the machinery of these major parties is celebrated every six years.

+ Information about the history of Sexenni here

Working in La Font Street (David Gil)