Our cultural identity


The festive calendar of the region of Els Ports has numerous essential dates throughout the year. Singular celebrations, that maintain elements that come from the medieval time and a great rootedness in each one of the towns. In addition, in Els Ports you can find dances and cultural events of great importance and that have been the germ of many others that were born later in other places, such as the Warrior Dance of Todolella. Dances, which also value an artisan tradition of the area, with costumes of great value.

In Els Ports, winter is the protagonist of fire and Santantonades, the arrival of spring comes from the hand of the Onso, which gives way to a station full of rogatives. During the summer and autumn, the villages of Els Ports live their most participatory and popular moments with the patron saint festivities. And every six years, there are celebrations that stand out for being incredibly unique and spectacular, such as the Anunci and the Sexenni de Morella. In addition, religious festivities are celebrated in Els Ports, such as Holy Week, Corpus Christi or San Cristóbal.