Ruta por el pulmón verde

Castell de Cabres- El Boixar- La Pobla de Benifassà- El Ballestar and Ulldecona’s reservoir, 30km

LaTinença de Benifassà is one of the best biodiversity reserves in the country. The landscape of the area is very steep, formed by several mountain ranges from 400 to 1,300 meters. La Tinença is a paradise for lovers of nature, hiking and tourism, where they can enjoy breathtaking locations and a wide variety of wildlife and flora. This route starts in the tiny town of Castell de Cabres, where we can see its main square with the well and the parish church. From here, we discover breathtaking views in our way to the reservoir of Ulldecona. On the way, we see towns with plenty of charm, such as El Boixar, La Pobla de Benifassà and El Ballestar. We can also go to Coratxà and Fredes, small villages, testimony to the passage of time and surrounded by stunning scenery. From there or from the very same reservoir, numerous walking routes are born. If it is Thursday, between 13.00 and 15.00, we can also visit the Monastery of Santa Maria de Benifassà, of the 13th century which has had a great influence on people throughout history.