The most impressive viewpoints from which to enjoy Els Ports

The region of Els Ports is made up of hundreds of paths that unravel the natural landscapes and allow them to be enjoyed by locals, neighbours and visitors. On foot, by bike or even on horseback, they can be explored. It is a unique experience, to look out over a cliff, take a deep breath and, with a bit of luck, see wildlife such as the Hispanic goat or the griffon vulture. Being at the same level as the landscapes, and being able to smell and touch the trees are unforgettable experiences. However, observing these same landscapes from high vantage points can be, even more so, an image impossible to repeat. In Els Ports there are mythical windows onto the forests, ravines and mountains that make up its landscape, such as the viewpoint on the CV-12 in Morella, a point that provides an outstanding view of the town and which, at weekends, can be observed with the illuminated medieval walls of one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.


This is one of the mythical viewpoints, due to its clear view towards the final objective, which is the city. In line with these characteristics, we find a viewpoint with exclusive views of Forcall. From the Mola de la Vila you can see not only the town of Els Ports, but also a large part of the municipality, as it is located at an altitude of over 900 metres. Moreover, Forcall can be discovered for a large part of the time that you visit La Mola, which is a Municipal Natural Site characterised by the presence of mountain goats and holm oak forests. Climbing up the mountain is rewarded when you reach one of its millstones and see, in the distance, Forcall and its buildings. As in this village, in Vilafranca you can also enjoy a route on foot with the final reward of an excellent viewpoint. This is the route to the Pla de Mosorro, where, before reaching the plain itself, there are some extraordinary views of the town. If you continue towards the Pla, there are dry stone constructions that have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If there are wonderful views of Forcall and Morella, there are also wonderful views of La Mata. Specifically, from the Carrasqueta La Guaita, an emblematic tree of the town that occupies the top of the hill just in front of the village. In this case, it is similar to the Mola de Forcall. Climbing the mountain is a beautiful experience. It is a beautiful experience to blend into the landscape and to be absorbed by the wind as it sways the branches of the holm oaks and pines. The climb is rewarded with fabulous views, which allow you to see a panoramic view of La Mata and part of the region. Unlike these three viewpoints, to see Vallibona you can take the Botanical Route around the village. With it, you can see a photograph that moves at the same pace as your feet move forward or backward. It is a photo in movement that gradually changes perspective, with the atmosphere of the Cervol river passing right next to it. In fact, from the Cervol viewpoint you can also get a beautiful image of the Vallibona, dominated, in the distance, by its imposing bell tower.

The fabulous images of certain villages such as Herbeset, Castell de Cabres, el Boixar, el Ballestar or la Pobla de Benifassà – the latter three belonging to the Tinença de Benifassà – can also be captured driving along the roads that link these municipalities. Thus, between the road from Morella to La Sènia there are different windows to the landscape with tremendous views of the aforementioned villages. Also, towards their mountains, buttes, ravines and rivers that form their municipalities and, in short, the habitat of millions of trees that cover the slopes of each mountain with a thick green mantle.

La Pobla de Benifassà.

Castellfort is another of the municipalities that can be seen from a distance. Specifically, from the Roca Roja, separated from the Roca Parda by the Celumbres ravine. All together they form a Municipal Natural Site that includes the towns of Cinctorres and Portell de Morella together with Castellfort, full of pine and kermes oak woods that provide shelter for Hispanic goats and a multitude of birds such as golden eagles and griffon vultures. In any case, these are just some of the best examples of natural terraces for the use and enjoyment of all visitors who come to Els Ports. Walking, running or cycling through the landscapes and scenery is an indescribable sensation, but sitting on a viewpoint and capturing panoramic views of such a high calibre with your eyes are images that will remain forever in your memory.

Rambla Celumbres.