Forcall- Todolella- La Mata- Olocau del Rey- Mirambel and Cantavieja, 45 km

This route begins in Forcall, where you can enjoy the town centre, with its main square with various palaces. Here, you can visit some of Forcall’s museums to discover the importance of La Santantonà in the region or the historical past of the town, especially during the Iberian Roman period. In Todolella, you can visit the castle on top of a hill, the Gothic bridge or the shrine of San Onofre and the Arab bridge. Moreover, in La Mata and in Todolella we can learn about the production of espadrilles or espardenyes, the typical footwear of the area. In La Mata, in the historic centre we can visit the Church, the Town Hall, arcades and palaces. In Olocau we are to discover impressive geological formations, buildings of great importance, as the shrine of San Marcos or the Church and one of the oldest baking furnaces in Europe or a medieval prison.

In the province of Teruel, we find the town of Mirambel, a beautiful medieval town. Visiting this town means travelling back in time, entering inside its walls, enjoying its cobblestone streets, palaces and manor houses. One of the main attractions is the Convent of the Augustinian nuns. Following the road, we reach Cantavieja, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Its old part, with its arcaded square, is the most emblematic area.