Els Ports lands have been inhabited since prehistoric times by humans who built their villages, their monuments, their roads and their burial sites. Over the years, their legacy has been discovered in interesting archaeological sites in our region.

La Moleta dels Frares, Forcall

Discovered in 1876, the town of Lesera was erected there. As it is the only Roman settlement in Castellon, it has been considered the most important archaeological site in the whole province.

Some of its remains are in Forcall’s collection.


Currently: To visit it, arrange in advance at the Tourist Office
Tourist Office: Wednesday to Sunday from 10: 30h to 14: 00h.
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Iberian settlement of La Morranda and iron mines, El Ballestar

Site of the ancient Iberian settlement of La Morranda. It is located quite high (2 km from El Ballestar) which allows a very favorable defense. Some ceramic remains found are exhibited in the town.


Site located 2 km away from Ballestar.


Iberian settlement of Castellfort

Remains of a settlement occupying 30 meters long. It was discovered in 2006.