Thousands of years ago, human beings who inhabited the lands of Els Ports used the rocks of our mountains in order to capture and unleash their artistic sensibility, a legacy that has survived until today. The cave paintings of the region, having a Levantine style characteristic of the east of the peninsula, are part of the important legacy awarded World Heritage.

Morella la Vella, Morella

Rock shelter with cave paintings found in the country house of Morella la Vella, 4 km from Morella going to Xiva.


Curently: Tours must be arranged in the Tourist Office.
Contact: + 34 964173032 (Tourist Office).

Covatina del Tossalet, Vilafranca

The ancient art of cave  paintings can be enjoyed at Villafranca as well, in the shelter Covatina del Tossalet


Natural shelter located in the natural environment of la Covatina del Tossalet. To access, request more information at the Tourist Office (+ 34 964 44 14 32).

Cova dels Rossegadors, la Pobla de Benifassà

Millennium art cave paintings located in a rocky shore. Its location is due to the proximity to the river, where the ancient settlers cultivated the land and bred the animals


Natural shelter located next to the Ulldecona reservoir. To access it, request guided tours at the Tourist Office 977729036 or at the Town Hall 977729051. Paintings accessible to the blind people.

El Cingle paintings, Palanques

They are formed by more than 30 figures composed of several groups of hunters and wild animals. The paintings are distributed throughout two coats called A and B, inside two caves that are very close.

Brochure of the cave paintings of El Cingle, Palanques

Video of El Cingle paintings, Palanques


To access, follow the path that crosses through the viewpoint of El Bergantes and the cemetery. By doing this, you can also see the remains of a medieval tower. When reaching the highest point of El Cingle, El Romeral, you must descend 60 meters towards the southeast.