Els Ports is a region with plenty of history, since each town has a rich and interesting past. Through guided tours, visitors can learn much more about castles, manor houses, walls and details that draw the landscape.

Guided tours in Morella

We offer a walk through Morella, which will allow you to penetrate in the medieval era, walking along the streets and visiting the most emblematic buildings as the Town Hall, the Basilica Arciprestal Santa Maria la Major, the Castle and its museums.

We offer several alternatives:

Historical and artistic guided tours.

    Tour through the town and visit to the Basilica Arciprestal Santa Maria la Major (1,30h).
    • Tour through the town, visiting all its monuments (2h).


    Night tour: (1,30h).
    Wall, Town Hall, Jewish Quarter, Tarrascons Square, Arxiprestal Square. We are told stories and legends of the Middle Ages, mixind Christians, Muslims, Jews, Cathars or random characters as kings, foremen and prostitutes.

Guided tours for schools.

    Noverint and its education department offer a series of cultural activities for preschool and primary and guided tours for high schools, related to the cultural heritage of Morella:
    Dinosaurs in Morella and Educational Workshops (3-7 years).
    Didactic notebook ” Un passeig per la Morella Medieval ” (8-11 years).
    Guided tours adapted to the corresponding age and grade (12 -18 years).

And guided tours to the region Els Ports / Maestrazgo in Teruel.


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