La Tinença de Benifassà is one of the best biodiversity reserves in the country. The landscape of this place is very abrupt, formed by several mountain ranges that go from 400 to 1300 meters. La Tinença is a paradise for lovers of nature, active tourism and hiking, where you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes and a wide variety of fauna and flora. The Portell de l’Infern, the Salt de Robert, the Tenalla, the Tossal de los Tres Reyes, natural waterfalls, the Senia river or the Ulldecona reservoir are just some places that deserve a visit. In the heart of this natural park we find towns such as the small and picturesque Pobla de Benifassà, Ballestar, Coratxà, Fredes and el Boixar, which offer the visitor a unique setting for tranquility, tranquility and rural tourism. These localities, next to Castell de Cabres and Bel are the 7 that are in this natural park.

 Tinença de Benifassà: getaways, guided routes, horse riding, 4×4, mountain biking …

In the Tinença de Benifassà you can find unique places. Some examples:

Ulldecona Reservoir: In its waters you can enjoy a good swim or sail with canoes and skates, enjoying the lush vegetation and the mountain. 



           Salt de Robert

           Font de l’Ombria

           Punta de Solà d’en Brull

           Pouet de Félix

           Portell de l’Infern

           Racó dels Presseguers

           Tossal de Cervera

           Molí de l’Abad

           Mas de Preraire

           Tossal de Mitjavila

           Tossal del Rey


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