Dry stone route

Castellfort -Ares del Maestrat- Vilafranca-Iglesuela del Cid,
41 km

The route starts in Castellfort, a charming medieval town. At the top of the town, we find the imposing hermitage of Sant Pere, where we see spectacular views. Throughout this area, we see large areas of dry stone. Ares del Maestrat is an enchanting town. The village has been built under a butte, which served to protect the village. There you will find the museum of La Cova, the Nevera del Els Regatxols (a building used to store goods thanks to snow) and visit the mills road. In Vilafranca, a large number of spectacular dry stone constructions are waiting for you. You can learn this art in the museum that is in front of the Church, making a stroll through the old town. At the exit of the village, there are three different routes to get to know dry stone. Just before reaching La Iglesuela, you can see the shrine of El Llosar and La Pobla del Ballestar. Visiting Iglesuela is enjoying the charming streets, the Town Hall, the religious buildings of great importance, the manor houses and the palaces.