Els Ports is adventure

Els Ports offers a wide range of very diverse activities for adventures in nature, where you can enjoy the characteristic environment of this inland region of Castelló. The orography of Els Ports is ideal for active tourism. For this reason, here are all the activities that can be practised in the region so far.

For mountain bike lovers there are many routes available. The tracks of these are just a click away: http://elsports.es/es/que-hacer/turismo-activo/btt/. MTB in Els Ports combines nature trails with trails that discover villages and historical heritage. Living Els Ports by bike is within everyone’s reach, because in Cinctorres you can rent electric bikes!

El Faixero e-bike.

For those who prefer to walk in the mountains, there is a Trail Running Centre in La Todolella. Els Ports has approved and signposted routes that can even be used as a training circuit to prepare for sporting events. Also available are the GR-331 Camí de Conquesta that links the villages of the region and many more approved trails.

Water lovers also have their place in Els Ports, especially in the area closest to the Tinença de Benifassà. In the Ulldecona reservoir you can go canoeing, kayaking, sailing with pedal boats and motor boats.


For those who enjoy animals, horse riding is also a leisure option available for quietly rides in Els Ports.

In Els Ports you also have the opportunity to experience beekeeping for yourself, becoming a beekeeper for a day and going through the whole process of making honey. Warning: this experience is not suitable for people with bee phobia, as you will be surrounded by bees!

Another option available to everyone is to become an astronomer, available at both the Morella and Todolella astronomical observatories. Thanks to its location and non-existent light pollution, Els Ports is an ideal place from which to contemplate the sky and all the stars in it.


Another activity, more adventure than sport, are the escape rooms that are available in Morella. These are ideal for very large groups or for special events. They assure us that it is very easy to have a good time and very difficult to do well and solve them ahead of time. Shall we take it as a challenge?

This said, one thing is clear: Els Ports is adventure. These are the main and best known options. But this region never ceases to surprise and there are bound to be more and more possibilities. The important thing is to enjoy them all with care and always respecting the environment to ensure the best conservation of the region.

Els Ports.