Tradition and modernity


In Els Ports, we can enjoy the delights of a typical mountain cuisine. Based on tradition, fields, crops, mountains and farms, we have plenty of excellent raw materials and a cuisine that has been transmitted from generation to generation. The location, climate and land create the perfect combination for truffle, the black gold of the kitchen, and mushrooms. Meats as lamb, pork or beef, which are breed in the area, provide extraordinary quality. Stews and soups are always a must in a traditional menu, as well as some delicious croquettes. Cured meats such as jerky, and cheese bring the aroma, color and flavor to the table. And then, the sweet touch with the junket, our collà, and the typical pastries, flaons.


With such a coveted raw material, restaurateurs have also adapted these products to the new gastronomic trends. Innovation and dedication work hand in hand in order to create original proposals that make a meal into a true unforgettable experience for the senses.


Els Ports it has a wide range of restaurants and bars where you can taste delicious dishes. In addition, throughout the year GASTRONOMIC DAYS are held …


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