If there is a remarkable evidence of human actions in the landscape of our region, it is, undoubtedly, the dry-stone architecture that fills our fields, mountains and valleys. The spectacular work performed by inhabitants of Els Ports impresses visitors, transporting them to a historical moment in which the overpopulation demanded more resources, more land. The plough of new fields made it necessary the withdrawal of rocks in these fields, taking profit of them for the demarcation of roads and properties, as well as for the construction of shelters for shepherds.

Expert hands built the immense heritage of stone walls without mortar.

Among all, the most remarkable example is Vilafranca, whose municipal area has plenty of remains of this technique, defining the fields, making them true outdoor museums.

Pedra en Sec Museum, Vilafranca

In this museum, visitors can learn the different techniques, tools, types of houses and the humanisation of the landscape in a tour through models, panels and recreations, as well as a projection of the film “Tota pedra fa paret”.


Address: C/Sant Roc, 1.
Visits: book a visit in the Tourist Office.
Schedule: Visits at 11:00h and 17: 30h on opening of the Tourist Office (Wednesday to Sunday).
Contact: + 34 964 44 14 32 / 635 78 63 54 / vilafranca@touristinfo.net.

Tours in outdoor areas, Vilafranca

To complete the visit and enjoy these spectacular constructions, there are three outdoor areas you can visit, whose names are:


– Itinerari del Pla de Mosorro: Pastors i ramaders.
– Itinerari dels Virtuts: Agricultors i masovers.
– Itinerari de la Parreta: El bosc de la Parreta.