Route of la carbonera

Morella- Vallibona, 27,5 km

The route starts in Morella, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, and continues towards Vallibona, located in a valley on the left bank of the River Cèrvol, between the mountains and of El Turmell and La Creu, at a height of 672 meters above sea level. Its rich landscape and its wide variety of wildlife can be seen in its almost 10,000 hectares, stretching from the mountains of Els Ports and La Tinença de Benifassà. This route shows the past of the beautiful town of Vallibona and its ancient crafts, including the work with charcoal. The people of this town elaborated charcoal, taking profit of the abundant oak forests. This trade made it possible that around 1,700 people lived there in the past. Through a museum and several routes, you will learn about the old charcoal making mounds and discover a charming landscape.