Route of the 3 Territories

Els Ports- Matarranya- Terra Alta + 60 km

Tres Territoris or Three Territories is a collaborative project that aims to unite promotional efforts of three areas that have a lot in common. The route presents charming villages, their rich heritage, breathtaking landscapes and traditional agriculture, livestock and wine of these areas.

Els Ports is a land rich in history, with villages of great charm. Its rich heritage, its cuisine, its festivals and its landscapes are a very attractive offer to discover the area.

The rivers of El Matarraya are the arteries of the region and spring up giving life to the area and creating a spectacular scenery. In this area, you can discover charming villages, and a rich and interesting cuisine.

The enotourism is one of the basic pillars of the economy of the region Terra Alta. A land where you can discover places of great scenic charm and in which it is essential to know the recent past, where the Civil War had great importance during the Battle of the Ebro.