Route of the river Bergantes

Fábrica Giner (Morella), Forcall, Villores, Palanques, Sorita and la Balma, 36 km

The route starts in a complex of great beauty, at the ancient factory Fàbrica Giner in Morella. There you will find many areas dedicated to active tourism and family entertainment such as Saltapins adventure park, horse riding, a children’s recreational areas and sports courts. In Forcall it stands out its main porticoed square, with its various palaces, Europe’s oldest baking furnace still in operation or its museums about history and local celebrations. In Villores, you can discover the past of a rural village in Les Eres and immerse in the world of bees with ApiVillores. In Palanques, you can stroll through the charming village, go to the viewpoint of the river Bergantes and discover its Neolithic past thanks to the paintings of El Cingle. In Sorita, you can stroll through the streets, the castle, a former manor house, and the parish church. Three kilometers away, we reach the Sanctuary of La Verge de la Balma. This, from the 14thcentury, is located on a rock, taking profit of its natural shelter to build the structure, completed by a curious bell and an inn. La Balma has witnessed many stories and legends, becoming a center of pilgrimage against the possessed.