Route of el Matarranya

Herbés- Peñarroya de Tastavins- Valderrobres and Beceite, 33km

El Matarranya is a land full of contrasts, which shares roots and charm with Els Ports. Herbés is a town with a charming landscape, specially the palace Palau del Baró. From here, we can go to El Matarranya through Pena-Roja, a town with great charm in which we can see the mountain formation Les Roques del Masmut or the Sanctuary of La Verge de la Font. Following our way to Valderrobres, we cross Fondespala before reaching the administrative capital of the region. Town with great charm, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Its Gothic bridge, the castle-palace, the church, its cobblestone streets, the Town hall or manor houses, there are many charming places in this town. Only six kilometers away from Valderrobres, following the river Matarraya we reach Beceit. Charming town in which we find stunning natural sites, such as La Font de la Rabosa, el Parrisal o the river Ulldemó.